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Monday, January 17, 2011

Picnic In The Park

Sydney Brown Owls are kicking off the New Year with a Picnic in the Park.
Sunday January 23
Sydney Park, St Peters (see map below)
from 11am - 2pm-ish
Bring picnic blanket, a plate of something yummy to share, something to drink and craft!
We will be gathering by the clump of trees by the main carpark
Rain: meet at Coffee and a Yarn, King Street instead
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  1. I will be there accompanied with parasol and gloves...nobody wants liver spots before they hit 50.
    And for those with four legged friends, Sydney Park is commonly known as Sydney Dog Park to those in the know, so no cats...unless they are fat and need to get exercise via being chased. So please feel free to bring your dog.
    Miss. Little’s Craft Society Fashion Tip: If your socialized pooch accompanies you to an outdoor event such as Picnic in the Park, it would be utterly ridiculous to assume you cannot co-ordinate him/her with your picnic products. I always think red and white gingham with snowy white ric-rac goes and awful long way to say, ‘Hello, I’m a show dog and I can wear gingham like an extra from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. A small rolled neckerchief or carefully placed bow would distinguish your darling from the rest of the hoi polloi running around chasing balls with their tongues flapping about. However, I strongly advise against getting carried away with embroderie anglais lace and themed costumes.

  2. I can't believe that the same weekend I'm missing the Trocadera due to an horrendous Hen's night I have to go to, the following day I'm missing this lovely picnic because of a christening I have to go to! Boo

    Have a great time all

  3. Hey guys, I can't make it as we've got tickets for the cricket, but have a great time and stitch up a storm!

  4. I have a champagne headache from last nights swing dancing, oh what fun!
    I want to come, even just to see what Little Miss Little's dog is dressed like. I will be there but I will be late and maybe not fashionably