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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sydney Brown Owls

Dear Brown Owls

It’s with a great deal of regret that we post this post.

Brown Owls has been in decline over the last year, and despite our relaunch at the beginning of the year, we don’t seem to have captured your hearts and minds in the way we would have liked.

Organising for Owls is time consuming, so after a great deal of talk amongst ourselves, we’ve decided it’s time to focus our energy elsewhere.

We’ve all loved being part of Brown Owls, and thank each and every one of you for coming along to the events we’ve organised.

Some of us Craft Addicts will still be meeting – if anyone is keen to join us, please drop me a line at

Hopefully we will see some of you around the traps.
Fran, Manu, Kamilla & Kareena


  1. This is sad news. Thanks for all your efforts, Fran & team.

  2. Oh no! I just came across Brown Owls (yes, i'm so two thousand and late) so I'm a bit upset it's over red-rover.